About Lingsong


About Lingsong



Shanghai Lisung Packing Co., Ltd. is the factory of making degradable plastic packaging materials. It is located in Jiading District, Shanghai.We have many production lines of degradable plastic packaging bags. Our annual output can reach 500 tons. Our products are exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and other countries and regions.

  1. 与生物降解粒子厂合作,为其加工生产生物降解袋。  
  2. 与生物降解粒子厂合作,为其加工生产生物降解袋。
  3. 成功攻克降解粒子吹膜与裁切难点,实现降解膜的热切边封牢固可靠。
  4. 成功攻克降解粒子吹膜与裁切难点,实现降解膜的热切边封牢固可靠。
  5. 成功研发多孔耐高温降解袋,主要用于餐余垃圾的过滤回收。
  6. 成功研发多孔耐高温降解袋,主要用于餐余垃圾的过滤回收。
  7. 引进高透明PLA膜,解决了PLA吹膜透明度不高问题。